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Introducing the Model 6 Series, combining Model 5 performance with a conventional form factor in three versions:

FEATURES (cont'd)

Signal path

  • Minimalist signal path is optimized by extensive support circuitry
  • Balanced, high-impedance main input, thru 1/4" and XLR connectors hardwired in parallel, accepts mic, line or DI sources, plus plug-in input loads
  • Auxiliary input and output options exploit the benefits of the output stage for use as a second output, line buffer or insert loop
  • Two megohm input impedance reduces current-related losses, load distortion and roll-off
  • Discrete FET, balanced, symmetrical topology from input to output
  • Precision biasing adjusts each FET for optimal performance, maintains it under varying conditions, and has shown over decades not to drift
  • Extremely high input-output Z ratio for other applications including phono preamp and headphone amp

Support functions

  • Standby mute function enabled during power-up sequence, low line and phantom on/off
  • Standby mode for each channel reduces power consumption
  • Status indicator shows operational status of gain control, output stage, standby mute and standby mode
  • Shielded internal primary supply with low leakage current and extremely low noise
  • Local, discrete voltage regulation for each channel


  • No steel rugged, anodized aluminum enclosure and stainless steel fastening hardware
  • Removable rack kit and optional outriggers for freestanding applications
  • Gold-plated contacts and active retention in all internal connectors
  • Fully enclosed, gold-plated contacts in panel switches and relays
  • Low-profile buttons and solid aluminum knobs with two set screws on 6mm metal shafts no toggle switch bats, plastic knobs or terminal strips to break
  • Protected panel graphics are printed on the back of clear panel overlays
Model 62
Model 61
Model 62R (w/o gain controls, available separately)


  • No color, resulting in extremely high resolution and tonal purity
  • Combines wide dynamic range with wide bandwidth and both over the entire gain range, not just a sweet spot
  • High-compliance input/output high performance with a wide variety of input sources and output loads
  • Robust design and build


  • Overload-proof main input clips after the output and without pads
  • Direct-coupled output with load compensation for low distortion output into any load
  • Separate gain control is optional for Models 61 and 62, and is required for the Model 62R
  • Remote control eliminates cable losses and interference by locating the preamplifier near the microphone or instrument
  • Low noise, high gain (and short mic cables with remote) for optimal performance with ribbon microphones

Features Specs Ordering User Guide
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